PART No - 133-1B


The bench has been developed to peform the test, using MIL-PRF-23699 lubricating oil, on oil pumps and accessories in accordance to procedures provided in the oem component maintenance manual.

The test bench is used to perform checks and calibration of the following turbo engine components:
• Viper 632 Oil Pump
• Viper 632 Oil Pump static test
• RR250 Oil Pump
• RR250 Oil Check valve oil
• RR250 Oil Filter
• RR250 Internal Oil check valve
• T53 Oil Pump
• T53 Torque meter oil pump
• T53/T55 Oil Température Sensor
• T53 Torque meter valve
• T53 Oil Filter
• Other engines oil hoses
• T55 Oil Pump
• T55 Relief valve
• T55 Dual chip detector
• T55 Oil Cooler
• T55 Oil Transfer Hose
• T55 Oil programming valve
Due to its intrinsic flexibility, it is possible use the test bench with any other accessories of which characteristics are similar to the above components.

The test bench is composed of 2 main subassemblies:
Main test chamber: where are present all the components under test interfaces and controls. In the rear part of the chamber are located the sensors and the relevant oleohydraulic connections and 3 µm filters are provided on delivery and return line. The sensors installed are several types like : pressure transducers having an accuracy of +/-0.05% F.S.; differential pressure transducers with an accuracy of +/-0.05% F.S; PT100 temperature sensors with a precision of +/-0.5°C; fuel flow mass indicator (Coriolis effect ) class 0.5%V.L.; Ambient pressure transducer; mass transducer used to determine the fuel specific weight. In addition an electric motor driven by "inverter" and monitored by encoder with a precision of 0.1% F.S. at 6000Rpm is provided.
All these sensors are connected to the Analog-Digital acquisition data system that uses sensors with measurement converted in 4-20 mA.
In order to grant a correct test fuel flow and pressure to the accessories the test bench is provided with a 3 high and low pumps driven by electric motors plus an vacuum pump and an hand pump.
Inside the oil reservoir an oil heater is present allowing components test at high temp.
An DC Power Supply 30V, 25A, 750W controlled by the application software installed on PC is present.
The test bench need to be fed with an air compressed flow at 15 bar 900Nl/min.
Control station: is realized with a PC, located on external console, where are loaded for each UUT the circuit configuration and the test parameters. In addition trough the software installed the authorized technician could get the access to the instrument/sensors for calibration. The software run in the Windows 7 OS and a further slave monitor is installed inside the test chamber to help the operator during the test, reporting or the same information shown on the PC monitor or other pages like the synoptic circuit, involved in the accessory test. The software allows for each test to store the data acquired and give the possibility to print report in a customer format.

The test bench has been delivered with:
• Flexible hoses to oleohydraulic interface all the accessories to be tested
• Mechanical mating flange to interface the test bench variable speed electric motor output with the accessory drive quill in case of rotational accessories

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