Quick disconnect Coupling Applicability Matrix:

Manufacturer/ Aircraft Kit P/N   Manufacturer/ Aircraft Kit P/N
AgustaWestland      Bombardier  
A109A KQC-A109A   CL215/215T KQC-F900
A109AII   CL415
AW 109 Power KQC 109PW   Falcon 10-100 KQC-F900
AW 109 LUH   Falcon 20-200
AW 109 Grand   Falcon 50/50EX
AW 139 (AB139) KQC-139   Falcon2000/2000EX
AW 189      
AW 149   Hawker Beechcraft  
      Hawker 1000 KQC-F900
AB412 KQC-412    Hawker 4000
AB212   HS-125 400 series
AB204   HS-125 800/850/900 Series
AB205   T1 Jayhawk
AB206 (CH139)(OH58)(TH67)    T400
AW101 (EH101) KQC-101   Lockheed  
AW129 KQC-129   Jetstar C-140 KQC-F900
Airbus Helicopter     McDonnell Douglas  
AS330 KQC-EC155   AV8 KQC-AV8
AS532   NHI  
EC155   NH90 KQC-NH90 
EC175   SH90
EC725   North American Sabreliner  
      40 Series KQC-F900 
BAe     60 Series
ATP KQC-F900   70 Series
Bell Helicopter     Pilatus  
214/214 ST KQC-412   PC-12 KQC-F900
230   Russian Helicopters  
407   Mi17 KQC-412
429   Sikorsky  
430   S61 KQC-412 
UH1/ UH-1H   S65 (CH53)
Boeing     TAI  
CH47/MH47  KQC-CH47   T129 KQC-T129

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